Two childhood friends collaborate to make Stone_Cold_Fox, a clothing label Designed in Los Angeles, that takes inspiration from the delicacy of vintage clothing and seeks to make it fresh again.
Cydney Morris, the designer and creative marketing director of SCF, graduated with a major in Fashion Design and a Bachelors in Fine Arts from California College of the Arts, San Francisco. Starting SCF from her 2009 senior collection, she designs, markets, and art directs the embodiment of SCF. With her trademark taste, she is inspired by vintage lingerie, Jane Birkin, Ossie Clark and showing off the best features of a woman’s figure. With her “old school” technique to designing, Cydney Is the key eye behind Stone_Cold_Fox’s aesthetic.
Dallas Wand, production manager and collection representative of SCF, graduated from FIDM, Los Angeles with a major in Merchandise Marketing and a Bachelors in Business. With her great style, and magnetic personality, Dallas is your girl getting SCF into your hands. Visiting stores, making sure each piece is finished to perfection, and is in charge of our in house showroom. With incredible styling skills, she drives the aesthetic of SCF deeper through photo shoots. She is the crucial thread that ties the look and feel of Stone_Cold_Fox together.
After meeting in grade two, spending summers at Parsons together, and traveling to places like Bali, Australia and all parts of Mexico. The girls make a unique pair that you cannot find anywhere else. These Californian girls believe in ‘Quality of Quantity” and that good things are worth waiting for. Most styles are made locally in California,  and packed by the girls behind SCF. Self designed textiles, and pickiness to the exquisite texture of their sand-washed silks, each item is thought out and personal. Keeping the company predominately USA made,  and a bit hard to find, the girls love the idea that having a SCF piece is like finding a treasure. Branching into SCFhome, SCFbride and several collaborations, SCF is transforming into a lifestyle brand. With a goal to always produce timeless clothing, by wearing any piece by Stone_Cold_Fox, you will certainly turn into one.